Praising the Positive

I have read oodles of books on different theories of parenting, marriage and how to be a good friend.  And one thing that I’ve found they all have in common is they all say you will notice the things you focus on. 
If you focus on every little thing that rubs you the wrong way in life, pretty soon, all you will see are the things that bother you.
I’m just as guilty of doing this as the next person. 
We all have mornings where we’ve decided we’re going to have a terrible day and our toes haven’t even touched the floor yet.  Maybe you had a small child keep you up all night.  Maybe your partner snores so loud that not even the neighbours can sleep!
But you woke up, right?  You may be struggling to breathe, but you are managing it.  There is someone out there taking their last breath right now, and someone standing beside them pleading for just one more day.
So maybe you could change your focus today.  Perhaps you could praise the positives in your life.  They are there, I promise you.   There is ALWAYs something to be grateful for, right?
If you do this in your marriage, your partner will be built up.  They will feel like they are noticed and appreciated, even if just for the little, basic things.  A person who feels appreciated is capable of so much more.
If you praise your kids when they do something great, they’ll strive to keep doing great.  You’ll get to see their little faces light up, knowing they are doing the right thing.  It’s tough being little and having to learn literally everything.  Noticing the little things will make them feel 10′ tall.  It’s worth it.
If you show your friends that you are grateful for them just being there for you, you’ll improve your relationship.   They are there for you at your worst, and your best.  That is something that you can’t replace.  They’ll know you value them just for being who they are. 
And last, but certainly not the least, notice the positives of you.  God designed you because He felt the world needed someone just like you.  So no matter how awful you feel about yourself, you can have confidence that He made you to do something in this world that no one else could do.  I’ve heard this before, and it’s so true.  He doesn’t call the equipped, he equips those he calls.  He’s got you, and so that means you’ve got this.
And little by little, you’ll convince yourself that you’re getting out of bed to begin a beautiful day.  That whatever it brings, you got this. 
We are all works in progress.  None of us have this whole life thing figured out.  So let’s begin this day with a grateful heart and see who we can make smile today.
Heavenly Father, I know that there are people out there today that are struggling just to make it through the day.  I lift them up to you now for your strength, wisdom and peace.  I pray that you would give them discernment to know where you are leading, and the willingness to step out in faith and follow you.  Allow every one of us to see that by your grace we have been saved, and nothing can ever take that away.  In your name I pray.  Amen.

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