Times Such As These

I had some pretty high hopes for this year. I envisioned that it would finally go the way I’d planned. My goodness, I can still be so naive.

I don’t necessarily mean this in a terrible way. Don’t get me wrong, my vision certainly didn’t include worldwide calamity. I meant that I should know better than to expect my plans to be what I need.

You see, my plans for this year we’re mainly focused on what I hoped for. I had garden plans. Intentions of getting chickens at some point. Getting all of my Christmas presents made before spring started.

They were selfish. I didn’t think of them that way. And they would absolutely have their benefits. More family time. Less impact on our budget. Better for the environment.

As a Christian though, my plans were sadly lacking. I hadn’t planned to spend more time in prayer. I wasn’t adding in time to share my testimony, or dedicate time to praying. I wasn’t intending to live out my life more for Him.

I feel like recent events have put us all on a rather even playing field. We’ve been given time. Time to analyze our plans. To identify and reject idols. To realize what’s really important. To learn to do without for the longer term good.

We’ve been forced to be still. How often do you do that on your own? Is it something you save for the week between Christmas and New Year? Have you followed through on those ideas you had about a new year and a new start? Have you sought out chances to better the world around you? Or even enjoy it?

I started a wonderful read through the bible in a year plan in March. It gave us a schedule of what parts we were to read each day. The printable came with a notes section, and a prayer and praise section. There was grace built in to the plan because it was written by a working homeschool Mom who gets that life can sometimes get away from us.

I made three days before I discovered I was too busy to practice being still. Until this week. I’ve realized that I can choose to zone out on facebook, getting more anxious with every “news” post, or I can choose to turn my mind to the One who knows the end of this particular story.

The One who wrote my story before I was even born. And I can trust Him. He loves me more than I could ever fathom. He is giving us gifts even in the panic.

We haven’t had a cloud in the sky in days. The birds are returning. The plants and trees are waking up. People are smiling more at each other. Groups are reaching out to help others.

I have spoken and messaged with more family and friends in the last week than I have since Christmas. My community may not be face to face, but we can love each other anyways.

Friends, I know this is hard. I know we are all struggling. We are having moments of intense joy. And times where we just don’t know how to make this all work. We are so loved by a mighty God, more than we can ever fathom. One who manages to provide even when circumstances seem bleak. There is no person on this place He can’t reach. If you are struggling to talk to God right now, tell Him. He can take all of your feelings. If you need to talk to someone, reach out. If you need help, ask for it. There are so many people looking for an opportunity to show His love. Let them.

If you would like prayer, I would love to pray for you. Leave whatever you feel comfortable with in the comments.

“However, if I were you, I would appeal to God and would present my case to Him. He does great and unsearchable things, wonders without number. He gives rain to the earth and sends water to the fields. He sets the lowly on high, and mourners are lifted to safety. He frustrates the schemes of the crafty so that they achieve no success.”
‭‭Job‬ ‭5:8-12‬ ‭HCSB‬‬


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