Blessed Isolation

I have had many feelings during the last 6 or so weeks. I may have actually had almost all of the feelings.

Today, I took time. Actually, I sent myself to my garden for a time out.

We’re getting ready to redo the garden beds, which have been taken over by quack grass. And building a chicken coop. And homeschooling.

I’ve said for many years that I want to try boring. I think it would probably drive me batty in a very short amount of time. I’d still like to try.

I thought when all of this started that I’d have more time. And for 2 weeks, I did. I couldn’t go shopping. We were on spring break. The weather was awful.

Then life started again. Activities moved to Zoom and Facebook video calls. Schoolwork began again.

It began to feel hectic again. And I really didn’t like it. I had enjoyed my brief respite from all the hurrying and scurrying.

So today, while I was in my time out, I took advantage of the relative quiet.

And I realized that we’ve talk our kids to cook more. And use tools. And realize where our food comes from.

I’ve spent 4 of the 6 weeks feeling overwhelmed. Burdened by all the stuff. Feeing defeated try at I haven’t done all the things I thought I could.

I was looking at everything as what I “should” be doing, not what I had actually accomplished. Few things are more depressing than putting more on my shoulders than I need to.

Today, I challenge you to look at what you have done. Write down all of the things you’ve gotten right. I bet that list is going to be longer than you expect.

Friends, this situation is so hard. And unfamiliar. And out of our control. We have the right to feel all of those things. We then have the obligation to feel the feelings, acknowledge them, and move on.

Father, I thank you for always walking by my side. I appreciate that you have never expected perfection from me. That my deeds aren’t what matters to you. I pray that you open my eyes to what is truly important. And that you show me the blessings in each day.

I would love to life you up in prayer. Leave me a comment below.

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