Our Righteousness

Friends, I’ve been waiting and watching, and thinking.

I’ve been seeing a lot of fear and name calling on all sides.

And I’ve watched a lot of people stepping in to the gaps.

My problem is that in my waiting and watching I’ve noticed a trend. At least on my own social media feeds anyways.

The fear and name calling seem to be coming from a lot of my Christian friends.

Calling people selfish for not wearing masks.

Or greedy for being impatient to get back to work.

Or insensitive for not holding signs protesting all of the things people are protesting right now.

And I can’t help but think that our world hasn’t changed that much since Jesus was here.

Things were uncertain back then too. Poverty was real. Financial classes existed. Medical mysteries happened. Certain people were looked down on for being different, or from somewhere else, or being a different colour. Some people felt they were even above Jesus.

These feels familiar.

There may not have been social media, but word of his arrival seemed to spread just the same.

Stories of his amazing miracles got around without Facebook.

People came to him without first tracking him on Instagram.

And I can’t help but notice that Jesus didn’t change hearts with name calling. He didn’t call people out.

He told them he had a better way, and then he showed it by living it out, day by day. Even through the hard.

Every time I see a Christian friend or family member make their less than love filled post, and I see my non-Christian friends step into the gaps, my heart breaks a little bit more.

Don’t get me wrong, I love that people are helping. I love that some of the greatest helpers I know do it just because they are genuinely fantastic, loving and caring people.

The part that breaks my heart is that some of the Christian’s I know feel more of a need to be heard than to act.

We are called to be different. To be filled with the same grace we were shown. To love. To especially love those that don’t know Him yet.

It feels like in our “righteousness”, we may just be helping the wrong side. Those words we’re sharing may just be serving the enemy. Or at least the tone of those words.

I’m asking today that maybe before we press that button to share that post, we stop and evaluate. We ask ourselves if we’re spreading information to help, or just to feel heard. Are we only sharing the parts that agree with our side of the story? Are we calling people out about the speck in their eye?

Or are we being the example we’re being called to? Is what I’m putting out into cyberspace going to uplift and point people to the only One who can truly calm their hearts and guarantee their future?

Heavenly Father, I pray today that we would be filled with the Holy Spirit. Filled beyond the brim, so that whatever spills from us is your love, and only your love. I pray that we would learn to live in action rather than words, because actions really do speak so much louder. And I pray that the storm would be calmed, so that the love can be well and truly felt. In faith I pray. Amen.

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