Jesus Knew

I’ve taken a bit of time away from all of my media accounts again.
I really felt like I needed to process and regroup before I could start writing again.
I’ve been spending time in my yard, cleaning and redoing my gardens. Playing with my kids. Getting our chickens more used to us.
And today, my parents took my kids so I could go to Costco and Value Village and restock some things.
I’ve always been a sucker for a road trip. And since we live in northern BC, anywhere we want to go is a bit of a trip.
I love to blast my music, notice the change in scenery since I last drove the highway, and think.
I process a lot when I’m driving alone. It feels very therapeutic to me.
Do you enjoy the quiet, or does it drive you a bit nutty?
I was thinking and feeling and praying, as I tend to do. And I felt, or maybe heard, something.
Jesus knew.
God gave us so any chances to change. Ever since the first fall of man in the garden of Eden, we’ve been getting chance after chance.
There was the snake, and the flood, and the tower. And so many more.
And then Jesus came, to be born a man, and show us how to do it.
He knew the entire time that it would take centuries, and we’d still mess it up.
He knew he’d be betrayed by those closest to him. And then he’d die a hideously painful death.
And we’d still manage to forget the enormity of His sacrifice.
And we’d miss His lessons. And misinterpret His teachings. And twist things.
And He did it anyways.
He knew.
It’s this hitting you as hard as it hit me?
He knew, that this year, we would face uncertainty and fear in ways we never have before. Fear that could be conquered, if we paid attention to Him and His promises.
If we turned away from the media that so strongly promotes hate and division, and gave it all to Him, we would receive peace beyond understanding.
None of us are free from sin, so none of us should be casting stones, now should we?
Maybe we need to go back to basics.
Thank Jesus every single day that He still CHOSE to take on our sins. And that He makes the way for us.

Love Jesus, and then love our neighbour as we love ourselves.

We can’t change our pasts. We can’t judge someone else without first walking in their shoes.
And we can’t make this world a better place without putting aside ourselves and reaching out to others. No judgement. No agenda.
Love, grace and understanding are what we have received, and what we have to give others to bring His light to this world.

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