I have to admit it. I have been avoiding social media lately.

I have many handy dandy excuses for why. We spent the summer volunteering at our local kids bible camp. One of the few that was able to run still during all of the calamity and confusion.

I have a huge garden to take care of. I had finally gotten my dream garden beds and chicken coop, and I was sincerely enjoying being unplugged and getting back to the quiet of nature.

But the hard truth? I really haven’t believed that my writing would actually add enough to the negativity to make a difference.

Social media feels so plugged full of anger, accusations, judgement and pride right now. I feel like everyone has taken sides, and because of that, we’re all losing. There is no way for us to win when everyone’s mind is made up, and there is no room for grace anymore.

It makes me sad, so I’ve been avoiding my writing. And I don’t really know that if the almost 4 months of silence has been felt by anyone but me. Today though, I feel ready to fight back.

I want to add something else to the static we keep hearing. Real life. NO judgement. NO anger. And to the best of my ability, no fear.

I truly believe, deep down to my toes believe, that a lot of the responses and side taking are because of fear.

And I have a God who has made it possible for me to read each and every single day that I don’t need to fear. He is here. He is right beside me, holding my hand, walking along with me.

I won’t deny any fears, but I will try to remind this world, one rambling thought at a time, that fear has no place in our conversations. Or our minds. We have the ability to tell the enemy to take those thoughts and, well, for lack of a nice way to say it, he can shove them right back where they came from.

Will you join me in avoiding the hard things? Maybe if we all work together to be a little bit of light, we can make the darkness back off.

I will purpose to turn off the words that are instilling fear and hopelessness. I will turn to the words and presence of Him to find my peace. I will listen to music loud enough to drown out the words of doubt. And I will give my smile to each person I pass.

What can you do today to shine His light?

Father, I thank you for all of the blessing in my life. I pray that you will open my eyes to them each and every day. I pray that you would help me to see the opportunities each day to spread your light. Help us to drown out the darkness. In faith I pray. Amen.


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