You know something awesome that I’ve noticed this last little while?

The more I pursue God, the more he reciprocates.

The more worship songs I listen to, the more I feel the Holy Spirit warming me.

The more I look for scripture and ways it applies to my life, the more those verses come alive.

The more I watch for ways to brighten someone’s day, the happier I am.

In other words, the more room I make for Him, the more I crowd out the enemy.

Maybe worship isn’t where you feel Him the most. Maybe you journal, or have a prayer closet, or love to disciple.

Have you been pursuing those things? If you haven’t, I challenge you to begin again.
We all fall off the wagon at times, for all sorts of reason. And we can all decide to get back on.

And we’ll find each and every single time, without fail, that He’s right there.


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