My God Will Never Fail

One of my favourite worships songs lately says it so clearly.

God cannot fail.

I’m mean sure, us imperfect humans can frustrate things and get in our own way.

The bible, history, and current events have shown that if there is one things we humans excel at, it’s being a hot mess.

And still, in spite of that, He still won’t fail.
The battle has already been won. The story has its conclusion.

And we have a secret weapon.

We know how it all ends. I know how the story ends, and it’s beautiful.

And right now, the enemy is using fear to make us believe that we’ve gone too far.

That the situation is hopeless. That he’s winning.

And he’s a big fat liar. He’s a deceiver.

No matter what though, he isn’t the victor.

And he never will be. Not truly.

And because of the Trinity, he never will.

Heavenly Father, thank you for your victory. Thank you for giving us the ending of the story, along with the way to get to you. In faith I pray. Amen.


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