Your Story Matters

There is power in your story.

I know that there has been this little voice, deep down inside, telling you that your story isn’t amazing. It isn’t triumphant. It isn’t as important as others.

What you’ve gone through isn’t enough.

That voice is a liar. A dirty, filthy, stealing liar. It’s the enemies voice.

You know how I know about that annoying little liar? He does it to all of us.

And we believe him. He counts on dragging us down little by little, until we believe it.

So today, cast him out. Tell him that there is no space left, because you are filled with the Holy Spirit. Claim it all back.

If you have doubts, watch War Room. And then go around your house, yanking the rug out from under him, and replace him with the one and only HIM. You’ll feel a little foolish at first, or at least I did.

Do it anyways.

And then tell your story. Share the broken pieces. One of the cagiest ways we are fooled, is we are led to believe we are the only ones who are broken.


Sorry to yell that one, but it needed to be done.

It does’t matter if the person you share your story with is a believer either.

Your redemption could be the very impetus for theirs.

That’s the scariest thing for the enemy. That’ll you’ll spread your story of unconditional love and forgiveness by the very Father who had the power to cast him out and will ultimately defeat him. That they’ll turn their hearts towards that love.

And he’ll do whatever he can to stop that from happening. Do it anyways.

Let down the walls around your heart, drop the pride, and be authentic. This allows others to be authentic.

Share the story of the job loss. Or the miscarriage. Or the infidelity. I know these are all stories of heartbreak, and they break your heart all over again to share them. I know this because I’ve shared them.

In sharing them, I’ve booted the enemy out of the equation. I’ve offered a sliver of hope that even that pain will be redeemed.

And I’ve had friends do the same for me. All of us believing that there is shame or hurt that isn’t worth sharing, being hesitant to be that raw. IT IS SO WORTH IT!

Your story may be the very thing that helps someone realize that where they are is not where they will end up. That the very thing that they are going through right now will one day be a strength that they too will use to lift someone else up.

If we can break the cycle of shame around our stories, which we have been delivered from, we can deliver a fatal blow. And if we can make it a habit, and let our families, friends and children know that it’s okay to stumble, and to take ownership, and then inspire others, we can change it all.

Can you imagine a world in which everyone’s story is valued and learned from? Where relationships and love are the thing that bring us all back together? And that you can break free from seeing yourself as anything other than a loved, forgiven, sacred child of God?

Heavenly Father, I thank you that you have made a way for me. That there is no condemnation in you and your love never fails. That no matter how imperfect I will be, you have already forgiven me. I thank you that you came as the Holy Spirit to help guide me, to speak to me, and to tell me when to share my story with those little nudges I sometimes ignore. Help me to listen to you, and to let you do the work through me. In faith I pray. Amen,

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