A Generation That Speaks

I have been feeling very helpless and overwhelmed lately. And I certainly don’t imagine that I’m the only one. I have felt the call to write so many times. So many. The problem is, I haven’t heard the words that I needed to say.

And today, while praying and asking and seeking, I still wasn’t given all the words. I was given a song.

If you’ve read some of my previous posts, you know that music is huge for me. Not the writing it, or performing it, but hearing it. Applying it. Letting myself be still, listen and HEAR what He is calling my attention to.

Around Christmas, I was struggling.

We got a new puppy at the end of November, which was amazing. It was also exhausting. I’ve never had an inside dog before. I grew up in the country, so our dogs were outside, protecting things. Our new pup was inside, all the time. And of my gosh, the work I wasn’t aware I had signed myself up for. I was feeling so tired.

After the last 10 months or so, I’ve felted worn down. That first month we had the pup just piled it on.

So I prayed. I asked God that I would hear songs. That He would draw my attention off of myself and whatever I was struggling with, and instead, that He would give me words that I knew, and could sing.

And oh how He has answered. In all the moments where I’m willing to turn it over, and honestly, even sometimes when I’m not, He just takes my thoughts and replaces them.

I’ve been thinking, and asking what I’m supposed to write. What am I supposed to be doing right now? What words need to be said that can help people in these times?

And today, the song was “Give Us Clean Hands.”

I think He just wants us to use our voices. Even if our audience is small, speak out. Tell your testimony. Let someone know they aren’t alone. Be the example of Christianity we are called to be. The real example.

It has broken my heart so often lately that we, as a whole, aren’t doing what we say we will. We aren’t stepping back, putting down our pride, picking up His love and responding with it.

So like the song says, give us clean hands, give us pure hearts, and let us be a generation that seeks Him above all else.

Today, I encourage you to stop, get off of social media, turn off the news, and worship. Turn on your favourite song, sing it loud, and then go out and BE THE LOVE.

Jesus, I know that I feel so challenged in these times, and that I let those feeling overwhelm me all too often. I know that you created me for a time such as this, on purpose, with purpose, and that you have equipped me with Your strength. I don’t need to stand in this alone, or to change everything myself. I need to stop and turn to you when I feel overwhelmed, and seek where You say I am supposed to be. And then I need to ask You what battles I was created for, and how I’m supposed to go about it. And You will always answer that prayer, equip me, and walk with me through it. I need to remember that this battle has already been won. And I need to look at those around me and know that they are all loved by You just as much as You love me. This battle is not with flesh, it is a fight for love and grace, and for peoples souls. Jesus, I would ask that today, you would let us feel Your presence, that we would begin to turn our eyes to You, and drop away all the other stuff that is distracting us. Let us rest tonight in You. In faith I pray. Amen.


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