Washing Feet

I remember as a little girl, my mom was always chasing me, trying to get me to wear shoes

I always found it so funny, since she herself often wasn’t wearing shoes either.

How I loved to run around barefoot. It felt freeing. And I loved the sensations.

And by the end of the day? My poor feet were covered in grime and gunk. And I’d get sent to the tub to wash my feet.

It always felt so relaxing to have my feet washed after all of my adventures. And setting my fresh smelling feet between my nice cold sheets? It was the best way to go to sleep.

It got me thinking of Jesus, washing feet. Everyone had to walk in simple shoes back then. Miles upon miles they would travel to spread the good news.

It was customary that when you stopped to rest for the night, your feet would be washed before you retired.

There are stories of Jesus’ feet being washed. I remember one particular story where his feet were washed with the woman’s perfume, and she dried them with her hair. She wanted only the best for her special guest.

And I remember that Jesus also washed his disciples feet.

Can you even imagine?!? You know that he is the Son of God. You have watched him perform miracle after miracle. You have been privileged to be called his friend.

And there he kneels before you, scrubbing the day from your sore, tired feet.

I know that recently, I have felt tired and weary. And I have stopped bringing my problems to God. In the big picture, my problems seem to small and ordinary. Why would he bother? Why would I bother Him? He’s already given me so much.

And then I remember the feeling of clean feet. I can only imagine how the people He cleaned felt when He touched them.

They could relax their jaw. And let down their shoulders.

That deep breath that they’d been so desperately needing to take would have finally been possible.

Imagine the relief they must have felt in their very souls.

Just imagine.

Not only did He choose to wipe your sins away, He also promised to have the Holy Spirit walk with you. And talk to you. He will gladly take your burdens from you and carry them. You just have to sit. Feel His presence. Let Him remind you that you are forgiven and loved. And let go of all of those things you were never meant to carry anyways.

Heavenly Father, I thank you for the washing clean of my sins. I am so grateful that you knew how I would mess things up, damage myself with pride, and fight you, and still you chose to love me. That you freely forgive me. I pray that you would remind me of all that you have done and all you are capable of. That every time I fall short, you are there. Help me to hand my burdens over to you, and learn to only take on what I am meant to carry. Help me to feel you clean my feet when I feel overwhelmed. And let me bask in your very presence. In faith I pray. Amen.


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