Power in the Name

I don’t know about any of you, but this season has me hip deep in hard conversations.

As my children try to grasp everything that is happening, and understand why God is allowing it, I’ve had to dig down a little farther in my own faith.

Isn’t it so challenging when those little eyes look at you for those answers that you don’t necessarily have?!?

And does it convict you the same way it does me?

I feel so unprepared when faced with those questions. And answering that its because of free will, or just because, or sometimes something bad just happens to good people, feels empty.

Lately, I’ve been answering a little differently.

Yesterday, we were listening to the Johnathan Park audio drama, and Kendall (Johnathan’s father) was struggling with his faith. He felt overwhelmed, and helpless, and that he had made too big of a mess.

Haven’t we all been there? Feeling as though we were just beyond hope, and even God couldn’t turn this around.

So yesterday, I answered a little more honestly. I used Kendall’s words as a jumping off point. I explained that God is love. Those doubts, and that annoying little voice trying so hard to convince Kendall it was too late or too hard to be fixed? Well, that was the enemy.

Jesus doesn’t drag us down, or guilt trip us. If those words are what is circling, then jump off that merry go round and tell the enemy to get bent.

And then pray. Pray to the God who is love. Who can redeem anything, even when we can’t imagine how.

Today’s song that I have on repeat is “Waymaker.”

Those words describing God? He is that and so much more.

So today, if you’re struggling with that little voice? Well, tell it to take a flying leap, and then drown it out with prayer.

Or worship.

Or like I told my kids, if you don’t have the words, and you’re so overwhelmed that you can’t think, just say, “Jesus. Jesus. Jesus.”

There is power in the name of Jesus, and if that is the best we can do, it is more than enough. His name has the power to stop the enemy in its tracks. If you’re saying His name over and over, that other voice won’t be heard.

The enemy can’t win against even the name of Jesus.

Father, I pray today for everyone who is just tired. Who can’t find the words they need, and just don’t know how to change the script in their minds. I pray that You would take over their thoughts. That at the very least, they would feel the power in Your name, and that they would begin to feel Your love and grace take hold in their lives. I pray that hearts would begin to turn back towards you, and be filled to overflowing. And above all, I thank You for always being there, always willing and waiting to fight for us. In faith I pray. Amen.


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