Power in the Name

Pray to the God who is love. Who can redeem anything, even when we can’t imagine how.

Washing Feet

Let Him remind you that you are forgiven and loved. And let go of all of those things you were never meant to carry anyways.

My Weird Life

I sometimes feel as though I live a full, but strange life. Do you know that feeling? When something happens and you search your mind, trying to see if someone you know has been through the same thing? And all to often, that quick mind search comes up empty? I have felt this more times…

A Generation That Speaks

Like the song says, give us clean hands, give us pure hearts, and let us be a generation that seeks Him above all else.

Spiritual Reset

Can we go back to reading the bible and turn off the media? We weren’t getting the answers from them anyways.

Your Story Matters

Your story may be the very thing that helps someone realize that where they are is not where they will end up.

Make the Memories

So today, I ask you to make the memories. Do the mundane things that seem pointless and unrewarding. Keep the traditions. Take the pictures.


In other words, the more room I make for Him, the more I crowd out the enemy.


Jesus died on that cross, knowing that one day, we would be here. That we would still sin.